Brain, Behavior and Immunity - Integrative Special Issue Topics

Brain, Behavior, and Immunity-Integrative is pleased to announce the development of a new Special Issue topic (highlighted below in red) and six continuing Special Issues (highlighted below in bold) devoted to Traditional Asian medicine and health. Leading scholars from mainland China, Vietnam and the USA are serving as Guest Editors who will be responsible for securing expert reviews for all papers. Special Issue articles attract 20% more citations in the first 24 months than articles published in regular issues. Although articles from Special Issues will appear in different regular issues of the journal immediately after acceptance, they will be clearly marked as Special Issue articles and branded as an online Special Issue. Professor Pariante, the Associate Editors of BBI-Integrative and the Guest Editors encourage members of PNIRS to support this official journal of the society by submitting their best work to one of these Special Issues.

The Article Processing Charge of $2,500 will be waived for all manuscripts accepted in any of these Special Issues. A short description of each Special Issue can be viewed at

Traditional Asian Medicine and Cancer (Short Name: TCM and Cancer) Closing Date: 15-April-2024
Mind-Body Therapies in the Digital Age: Optimizing Quality of Life and Immune Health (Short Name: Mind-Body Therapies) Closing Date: 1-June-2024
Mental Health and Immunopsychiatry in Asia (Short Name: Immunopsychiatry) Closing Date: 30-October-2024
Perinatal stress, inflammation, and maternal-child mental health (Short Name) Perinatal Stress Closing Date: 30-October-2024
On the Move to Better Health: Integrating Movement Therapies for Immune Enhancement in Chronic Disease (Short Name: Optimal Immunity in Motion) Closing Date: 1-August-2024
Clinical Evidence & Advances in Traditional Chinese Medicine for Depression (Short Name TCM and Depression) Closing Date: 30-October-2024

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Aging-related Brain Disorders (Short Name: TCM.Aging.Brain Disorders)

 Closing Date: 31 December