Past Meetings

1993 Boulder, Colorado
1994 Key Biscayne, Florida
1996 Santa Monica, California
1997 Boulder, Colorado
1998 Bristol, United Kingdom
1999 Galveston, Texas
2000 Cape Fear, North Carolina 2000 PNIRS Program.pdf
2001 Utrecht, The Netherlands
2002 Madison, Wisconsin 2002 PNIRS program.pdf
2003 Amelia Island, Florida
2004 Titisee, Germany: Program Booklet 2004.pdf
2005 Denver, Colorado
2006 Miami Beach, Florida
2007 Arcachon, France
2008 Madison, Wisconsin Program Booklet 2008.pdf
2009 Breckenridge, Colorado Program Booklet 2009.pdf
2010 Dublin, Ireland Program Booklet 2010.pdf
2011 Chicago, Illinois Program Booklet 2011.pdf
2012 San Diego, California Program Booklet 2012.pdf
2013 Stockholm, Sweden Program Booklet 2013.pdf
2014 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Program Booklet 2014.pdf
2015 Seattle, Washington Program Booklet 2015.pdf
2016 Brighton, United Kingdom Program Booklet 2016.pdf
2017 Galveston, Texas Program Booklet 2017.pdf
2018 Miami Beach Florida Program Booklet 2018.pdf
2019 Berlin, Germany Program Booklet 2019.pdf
2021 Virtual Meeting Program  2021 Meeting Content (Available for 90 days following the meeting 8/21/21)


To read the abstracts from the conferences please visit the official journal for PNIRS: Brain, Behavior, and Immunity.